Your Business is a Startup

Raising startup capital begins with a good business plan and for those seeking venture capital or angel investors, a solid pitch deck!

Planning Your Startup

You are ready to start your business.  You have a product or service to sell, have a business name and possibly a company logo and business cards.  Entrepreneurs find starting, and completing, a business plan a daunting task.  A good business plan is the only way to present your company's potential to investors to raise the necessary start-up capital.

Essential to every business, the business plan acts as the framework in which the business intends to operate.  A business plan is a document that helps a company define its business goals, to determine if they are reasonable, and how a business plans to attain those goals.

Business-Advice offers different types of business plans customized for your business' use.

Simple planning before starting is the best way to assure business success and continued growth.

Do have a viable business idea to bring to market?

  Do you know who your ideal customer is?

  Do you have a detailed business plan?

  How do your products or services differentiate from those in the marketplace?

  Is there enough demand for your products or services in the marketplace?

  Do you know your competitors?

  Do you know how you will advertise your business?

  Do you have the skills or background to run your business?

  Do you have enough capital to start your business?

  Will you need a loan?

  Have you mapped out the distribution logistics for your products or services?