Your Business is Growing

As a start-up, you probably had a lot of advice and coaching, read many business books, or took business training courses, on how to run and market your business.  With business success, you may be experiencing the following:
  • Financing is needed to make a major capital purchase.
  • A key person in the organization wishes to retire.
  • New competition has entered the marketplace.
  • Consumer behaviour towards your products and/or services is changing.
  • A need exists to make adjustments based on your local community’s growth or shrinkage.

Sage advice from the Business-Advice team is to weigh, carefully, the risks and rewards of growth.

Your existing business plan needs to be re-visited and reviewed to update and enhance the following topics:

  • Financials
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Growth/Expansion Implementation Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Human Resources