How to Create a SWOT Analysis

August 25, 2014

How to Create a SWOT Analysis When crafting business plans, new entrepreneurs are eager to tell the “good news,” but are often reluctant to describe the types of things that could go wrong or undermine the business. A balanced, well-thought out and written SWOT analysis is both a necessary part of the plan itself as well as a great exercise for the owner. Unlike, say, a sales presentation or a job interview where you want to keep the focus on the positive, consideration of both the helpful and the harmful factors is important for doing a SWOT analysis well. Read More

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creative ways to fund your business

5 Creative Ways to Finance Your Startup

May 22, 2014

Entrepreneurs can get creative in how to fund their startup. Many entrepreneurs seek funding for their startup via ‘traditional’ means, using their personal savings and credit cards, asking friends and families for seed money, and approaching banks for funding or angel investors and/or venture capitalists. For those who seek loans or grants to finance their business, the government offers its Canada Small Business Financing Program where small businesses with gross annual revenues of $5M or less are eligible to apply.   For those who operate an agri-business, be sure to check with to determine eligibility requirements for financing. For those operating not-for-profit or charity organizations, CharityVillage offers a wonderful listing of government-backed funding and grant programs. Read More

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