What others say about us

  • I was able to sit down today (in quiet) and study the business plan. First I want to say, “WOW“.
    When I first started contemplating having someone write my business plan, how much that would cost, and the value that would bring for the money, I wasn’t to sure (mostly because if felt i could write it). My decision was made easier with my time restraints, rusty skill set, and my desire to have a professional business plan. I knew back then that the value was there. Today, in seeing this business plan come to life, I know I made the right decision. 
    The business plan looks great but more importantly, the content is more than what I expected. It is real and really shows the business, the owners, and their plans, in reality. I have made a living developing and editing critical documents in my H&S career. I have worked with many companies and numerous technical writers to assist in developing documents. I have to say your work absolutely stands out as some of the best I read. 
    Rhea, thank your for your honesty, transparency, and professional services in helping me have a best in class business plan which will provide the foundation to do the rest.
    Kevin Lee
  • Aimee was a pleasure to work with. She made my job so much easier and a lot of fun! She was very quick at responding to any concerns that I had. I would trust her with the services she offers. She was great with following my guidelines and even better at expanding on further research. I highly recommend her! She gets five stars from me!

    S. Wright
  • I finally got the chance to see what you have done and I’m blown away!!!! You have worked magic so far and it’s motivating me to get more done. I can’t thank you enough….. You’ve really helped me get my vision on paper and I am so grateful. This is going to be an amazing experience and whether I get the grant or not I’ll still have a document that outlines what I see for the store, The rest I can work on one day at a time.” It looks great so far, I’m really impressed with all the research that you did.”

    Sean Riehl
  • I acquired Business-Advice for writing my business plan. It was well worth the money to have a company that knows how to write and put my passion and dreams down on paper in a professional format. They were so amazing to work with even with my detailed and specific ideas of my business and industry. The end result gives me pride and confidence in submitting my business plan to any institution. I am truly grateful I chose Business-Advice.

    S. Gretzinger
  • I just reviewed the final plan again, I can’t find better words to describe for that, except for Excellent Job, Perfect Job and Very Much Appreciated.

    Frank Fang
  • As I was going through the plan, I started to cry. You made me / us sound so good. You really captured the essence of us and I am thanking the universe as I type this that it placed you in my path. You have done an amazing job and I am grateful. When I read this, I think that at one time 4 years ago, I thought of quitting. Reading this on paper makes me believe that this may really happen. I feel like I’ve been given a chance to still do what I had planned so many years ago.

    B. Morrison
  • WOW!!! You have done a fabulous job. I was already proud of our company but I think I may have to frame a copy of your work, as it made me even more so…Thanks so much for all your work on this project, and for how you represented our business. It was fantastic working with you.

    Dee Wallace
  • It’s perfect! It brought tears to my eyes, it’s so good! I can’t thank you enough.  You are very good at this.

    T. Pottle
  • We just read the business plan and it looks great. We are grateful for the work you have done. Even if we have not met, we felt like you have put into words our innermost dreams and aspirations to establish this kind of business. It is not only our aim to profit from this business but to be able to reach out to people who are in need, especially the elder ones.  Thank you so much.

  • I would also like to take this opportunity to commend our writer for a job well done! She was great to work with, very professional, knowledgeable and always available when I needed some directions.  She is an asset to your organization.

    J. Preclaro
  • I have just finished reading through the business plan; I only hope I can live up to the level of professionalism that is documented in the business plan; it very clearly articulates exactly my vision and goals and I thank you for doing such a great job articulating it and completely understanding my vision.

  • Thank you for taking the time to send me a personal letter. Working with your company, especially with Brendan, has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional life.  I sincerely appreciate the time Brendan spent reviewing my business proposal and recommending amendments for achieving a professional plan. His advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities for my new business. I have given your company name to some friends who inquired about grant support, and I hope that this will help you to grow your business as well.

    Alberto Montoto
  • I want to thank you and your team for doing such a great job on our business plan. I have to say that Aimee was great to work with and the communication between us so easy. She was always very prompt in responding to my e-mails and questions and helped answer many questions and concerns I had along the way. I really was not sure if I had made a wise decision to have Business-Advice prepare our plan… but I am so glad that I did, you exceeded my expectations by far! Thanks so much.

    H. Sopovski
  • I truly enjoyed working with Kerri. She was always very helpful in explaining anything I did not have direct experience in and she made me feel very comfortable during the whole writing process. I would highly recommend Kerri and the team at Business-Advice. The final work product is beyond expectation.  Thank you.

    Tanya Miller
  • Just a short note to tell you that I am so impressed with Dawn and her work and inspiration so far. Thank you to your entire team. This process is making a small business feel stronger and more vibrant in a short period of time.

    Jennifer Buchanan
  • Thank you for a job well done!! I couldn’t have it done better myself. This business plan really reflects what I intend to do with this business. You really understood me and what my goals are for the coming years.

    A. Theroux
  • I just want to say a huge “thank you” to you Aimee! You have worked hard for me and put together my business plan perfectly. I really could not have done this without you. You have no idea how much I appreciate the work you have done. You are a life saver !!! You always knew exactly the right things to say and the right words to say when I had no idea how to put everything on paper. You are always there when I needed you and your work ethics are amazing!! It’s has been a pleasure for sure. THANK YOU !!!

    Laura Rivett
  • This is just a note to thank Business-Advice for assisting in my business plan. I am so impressed in how efficient the service was and how much I have benefited from the writer’s critical analysis.  The writer’s personal insight was refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. You helped guide me down new directions I never would of seen without your help. Her passion was very evident in every call and email I received. I really feel like you are the team at Business-Advice that makes it all happen and made a positive experience in what would have been a difficult journey alone.

    S. Munroe
  • I was blown away with the process of getting my business plan done. I had high expectations, but everything was way passed anything I expected

    Brad Mulvihill
  • We just wanted to email you and tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with the outstanding and professional business plan that Amy produced for us – she did a truly beautiful and amazing job on it, and we couldn’t be more please with the final product! We would highly recommend Amy and Business-Advice to anyone we know requiring help with the design and production of a professional business plan. The whole experience was very professional and exceeded our expectations – wow, what a team!

    Rebecca Harper
  • My business plan has been completed and I couldn’t be happier with it. Excellent work on behalf of Business-Advice.

    T. Temple
  • I kept wondering if you were really capturing me and my dreams and most of all if you actually knew me in person..very well done !!! I LOVE IT !!! I really cannot think of what more to add… I wouldn’t even have thought of some of the things you have articulately put together… very informative, insightful, precise and comprehensive. You have reminded me in no uncertain terms that I have a dream and you have definitely given me the “punch” to realize it is time, to get up and run with this plan !!! EXCELLENT…AA++

    L. Campbell-Reid
  • I was blown away with the process of getting my business plan done. I had high expectations, but everything was way passed anything I expected. The ease for me to provide information to the writer was quite easy and we talked a few times for clarification on some things. If I realized that this would be such a process I would have looked into it earlier. The Business Plan itself was incredible. It was great to see that she was able to research and discover, information that I was having a difficult time finding .

    Brad Mulvihill
  • I want to take this time to thank you and the Business-Advice team for a great job. Especially Kerri who helped tremendously and was a pleasure to work with. I will certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you again.

    Gary Gauthier
  • I enjoyed Amy’s thorough assimilation of our projects information. We had a lot to go over. Our combined projects posed more than the usual business venture 5 year plan. Amy was always willing to add new information we felt valuable. Amy helped a lot in getting our current financial numbers to be reflected in projected 5 year growth documents and charts. We appreciate Amy’s rich background in the Alternative medicine fields. This helps in her understanding our mission statements, and the our motivations in making a global difference. I also appreciate Amy’s very cheerful attitude and encouraging comments throughout the process. As the process does take a lot of deep thought and consideration about, “Where are we going, and how do we want to get there”. Thanks Arlene and Amy for all the helpful assistance to put our plan together.

    Gailen Johston, Mosquito Magik
  • Done! I am so pleased! I am pleased to see a high quality product for which I hired your services for, but I am also pleased that I actually had made an important contribution and that you valued my input and used what you did directly or indirectly. Thank you Beth, you delivered!

    I. Moravec